Grace Plaza has developed an expanded neurological rehabilitation program, in consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Wirkowski, of Winthrop University Hospital, for individuals, who are not vent dependent, in various stages of coma recovery. Grace Plaza provides a comprehensive inpatient program in a unique therapeutic environment.

All patients receive an individualized treatment plan designed specifically to their needs with the collaboration of your physician and a multidisciplinary team. The program utilizes treatment modalities that are overseen by a neurologist and rehabilitation professionals in the fields of physical, occupational and speech therapies and pharmacotherapy. Our Neurological Coma Recovery Program was developed in collaboration with Winthrop University Hospital, which draws upon their years of experience in dealing with neurological issues. This journey begins prior to your admission when your case managers and care team coordinate with the physicians and medical team at Winthrop University Hospital to provide the highest level of continuity of care.

This program provides a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation which includes Coma-Sensory Stimulation, positioning, utilization of adaptive equipment, such as splints, to help prevent contractures and stiffness, sensory perception enhancement and vital stim which aids with swallowing and speech issues. The Coma Sensory Stimulation program address “stimulating” sense of smell, taste, vision and touch as well as auditory awareness. This program is designed to present short intervals of stimulation of 5-15 minute periods throughout the day. As patients regain their alertness or show increased arousal, every individual’s treatment plan will adapt to the changing needs of a coma recovery patient. The goal of the Coma Recovery Program is to regain the highest and most independent functional level possible. There is continuous assessment conducted by the team to trace the progress in this process of recovery. The unique needs of each patient is considered when developing the specific and individualized plan of care. Family members are welcome to be involved in the care planning team. Caring for someone who has suffered neurological damage or who are currently in a coma can be a daunting task. The program is for individuals and families ready to embark on a unique therapeutic approach to coma recovery through a multi-disciplinary program.

Elizabeth Wirkowski, M.D.
Neuroscience Consultant
Neurological Director of Coma Recovery Program at Grace Plaza
Medical Director of Neurology ICU Winthrop University Hospital
Professor of Clinical Neurology Stony Brook Medical School

Kim Sodano, L.N.H.A., L.C.S.W.
Administrative Consultant

Myles E. Gombert, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Professor of Clinical Medicine Hofstra University School of Medicine
Medical Director of Grace Plaza